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Is America in Bible Prophesy?

Who will the Antichrist be?

What should we do about the “mark of the beast”?


Daughter of the Harlot

By Sam Adams, Pastor

For centuries true Christians have identified “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS” of Rev. 17 as the Roman Catholic false church (RCC), with its false gospel of salvation by priestly religious ritual and its perpetuation of the ancient worship of the Babylonian virgin goddess Ashtoreth, “Queen of Heaven.” In the last few decades however many have come to see AMERICA fulfilling the role of Babylon in Rev. 17-18, particularly based on the description in Rev. 18.

America the Babylon Series Independence Baptist Church This 2-part video shows how these views are each partially correct – how the America that emerged in 1789 was in large part the creation of the Vatican, operating through its banking and military arm, the Jesuit Order, created in 1539 to counter the Protestant Reformation and return the kingdoms of the world to submission to Rome. To this day the master pulling the strings of the major banks and of the puppets in Washington DC, the controlled broadcast media, and indeed of the RCC itself remains the Jesuit Superior General, a/k/a the “Black Pope.”

As such, Rome remains the place “where Satan’s throne is,” while America is the Vatican’s economic and military powerhouse being used to build and force the devil’s “New World Order” on the peoples of the earth – and as such, IS building the revived Roman Empire prophesied in scripture.  Revelation 17 focuses on the harlotrous false church at Rome, whose presence continues into chapter 18, but where the focus turns to her daughter America, the most powerful mercantile and military nation on earth.

Videos Hosted by Youtube

AMERICA THE BABYLON: Daughter of the Harlot, Part 1

AMERICA THE BABYLON: Daughter of the Harlot, Part 2

We express our heart-felt and abiding gratitude to Brian Moonan ( for his professional videography in bringing the audio to life in this important video presentation.

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