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"Head over all things to the Church"
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Independence Baptist Church is an unregistered, non-incorporated, non-501(c)3, local, Historic Baptist Church meeting in Ocala, Florida, which contends for the apostolic doctrines once delivered to the saints and faithfully preserved in the King James Version of the Holy Bible (KJV).

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everlasting life independence baptist church bw

Everlasting Life

Learn how to have assurance that you have everlasting life.

Covid-19 pandemic vaccine lies

Covid-19 Fraud

Find out the truth about the global enforcement of Covid-19 vaccinations and mask wearing.

everlasting life independence baptist church bw

Vida Eterna

Learn how to have assurance that you have everlasting life in Spanish.

King James Bible independence baptist church

The King James Bible

Learn why the King James Bible is the preserved Word of God.

eternal security independence baptist church

Eternal Security

Learn why someone can’t lose true salvation.

repentance from sin independence baptist church

Repentance from Sin

Biblical repentance is repentance from sin.

baptist distinctives independence baptist church mary idol crossed out

The Baptist Distinctives

Learn the difference between Baptists, Protestants, and Catholics.

church incorporation unincorporated ball and chain

Incorporation & Tax Exemption

Learn why Church incorporation and tax exemption is a lie and a trap.

America the Babylon Series Independence Baptist Church

America the Babylon

Learn about America’s future involvement in the world.

catholic church lies and inquisition burning

Lies of the Catholic Church

Learn about the dangerous doctrines and practices of the cult of the Catholic Church.

mormons and latter day saints independence baptist church


Learn about “the Church of Latter Day Saints”.

Jehovah's Witnesses Independence Baptist Church

Jehovah's Witnesses

Learn why the Jehovah’s Witnesses are not truly Jehovah’s witnesses.

post-trib rapture independence baptist church

Post-Trib Rapture

Learn why the rapture occurs after the Tribulation, and not before.

sabbath or sunday independence baptist church

Sabbath or Sunday

Learn why the New Testament Christian doesn’t need to keep the Sabbath.

proofs against preterism independence baptist church

Proofs Against Preterism

Learn why Preterism is a dangerous approach to Bible history and prophesy.

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Other Resources

Although Independence Baptist Church strives to be the Pillar and ground of the truth, there are other good websites out there.  Find out other trustworthy sources of truth recommended by Pastor Sam Adams.

pastor sam adams independence baptist church ocala florida
Pastor Sam Adams

Contact Independence Baptist Church

Need to reach Pastor Sam Adams?  Have doctrinal or general questions?  Questions and comments are welcomed.