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Bro. Sam Adams


Our Pastor, Bro. Sam Adams, was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ on March 30, 1987.  He has been married to the ‘wife of his youth’ since 1980 and they together have five children.  He received a B.A. degree in Architecture from Iowa State University in 1982 and was licensed to practice Architecture in 1986.

Bro. Adams gained his biblical education from local-church directed teaching and intense personal study since his salvation in 1987.  He has rejected modern Bible versions as being intentionally corrupted perversions of God’s word, holding to the Authorized King James Version of the Bible as being exclusively authoritative.  He is a “historic Baptist,” holding to the historic distinctive Baptist doctrines of the sole authority of the Scriptures and the strict separation of Church and state, which almost all of today’s so-called “Baptists” have completely abandoned through incorporation, tax exemption and idolatrous submission to the secular anti-church laws of the state.  Bro. Adams is resolutely opposed to any attempt by the State to control the Lord’s Church, and also to the fascist corporate takeover of the American government and the resulting destruction of American liberty, the rising marxist militarized police state, and the absorption of America into the rising “New World Order” global government of the antichrist.


Pastor Adams views Bible prophecy from a staunchly Classical Premillennial perspective (one glorious return of the Lord Jesus not two, at the end of a 7-year tribulation period and not before), rejecting the popular Scofield-based dispensational doctrines including the “pre-tribulation rapture” as being dangerous concocted deceptions found nowhere in the scriptures, and in direct conflict with several passages of scripture regarding the Lord’s return. He further sees Scofield’s concocted dual-kingdom, dual-bride, and multiple-gospel doctrines as blatant heresy.  For more information, visit our Beliefs page.

Additional Information

pastor sam adams independence baptist church ocala florida
Pastor Sam Adams
  • Bible teacher since 1991, beginning at Northwest Christian Church in Tampa, Florida​
  • Co-Founder of the Faith Baptist Fellowship Church in Tampa in 1996
  • Adult Bible Class Teacher at Landmark Baptist Church, Brooksville, Florida from 2001-2004
  • Pastor of Independence Baptist Church (formerly Freedom Baptist Church) in Ocala, Florida since August 2008